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San Diego Hmong New Year 2012-13 Sponsors
Dr. Madee Moua & Chee Vue
Chong Vue & MayKia Vang
President Paulene Vu & Fong Vu, Jim & Cynthia Torrance, Chino Lor, Kee Vang, Gerald Vue, Kevin Herr, Ping Yang,
Jim Chao Xiong, Vue Yang, Chong Shoua Yang, Za Teng Yang, Cher Pao Xiong, Wilson Yang, Tsa Sher Khang, Dr. Chao Xiong,
Ya Pao Xiong, Chai Xiong, Roger Vang, Tou Mor Xiong, Chue Vang Xiong, Cher Pao Yang, Cha Xiong, Neng C. Xiong, Thai Xiong,
Tsas Xiong, Zoov Txos Xiong, Long Lee, Nhia Yia Yang, Thong CT Moua, Chong Seng Moua, Houa Moua, Nao Cha Moua,
Pheng (Chong Tou) Moua, Txhiaj Ying Moua, Youa Ge Moua, Ntsuab Txam Thoj
Pageant Sponsors
Heart ($10 - $200)
Many thanks to all of you for your help and continued support.
Mr. Moua Su Blia Yang – Aero Soft Shoes USA                                     Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Lee Yang – Vientine Restaurant
Mr. Khamxai Lee – Lee Family of Fresno                                                Mrs. Tong See Vue & Co. – Hmong Association of Long Beach
Pres. Khampheng Phabmixay – Lao Community Cultural Center         Mr. Kao Vue & Co. – Pawg Ntseeg
Ms. Maily Lor – Maily’s One Stop Service                                               Mr. Pang Cheng Yang & Co. – Cooj Qaib Hmoob Meskas
Mr. Ly – Ly’s Garden Restaurant                        
Gold ($500)
Fang Family of San Diego
** Please note that this is only a partial list of the sponsors. Names will be added as they come in.